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digitalfunding is a new age loan marketplace which provides detailed eligiblity on the basis of unique internal algorirthm, where data has been craeted after years of reasearch and understanding of financial products. It also helps customers connect directly with the lenders.
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What Are the Benefits of a Credit Card?

  • Reward Points
    You can earn reward points with every purchase made using credit cards. Subsequently, the accumulated reward points can be redeemed to make another purchase.
  • Enhances Your Credit Rating
    You can choose to pay Pay back your credit card bills on time is the easiest way to build your credit rating. If you have a high credit score, you can avail loans easily at a low-interest rate.
  • Cash-Backs and Discounts on Shoppings
    By making purchases through credit cards online or at merchant, you can also earn cash-backs on select purchases. Some merchants also offer special discounts on credit card purchases.
  • Frequent Flyer Miles
    You can redeem it to book flights. As a credit card holder, you can earn frequent flyer miles with every air ticket purchase. Ultimately, the frequent flyer miles can be redeemed against the price of another ticket.
  • Easy Acceptance
    Even at the hospitals, gas station, merchant centre or any other such places including online websites, credit card is more accepted compared to debit cards.

Why Should you apply for a Credit Card?

At digitalfunding, we understand the different needs of our customers. We try to arrange for whole lot of credit cards from various service providers and offers a wide range of credit cards based on customers buying preferences. Credit card companies provide credit cards to individuals who have consistent income and credit score. We have divided credit cards centred on customers preferences such as entertainment, shopping, dining, travel and lounge access. Customer can choose the best card suited for himself Depending on hispurchase inclinations, they are free to choose a credit card that earns extra points on the things that matter the most. It can be used in case of financial and medical emergency also.